Wednesday 5 June 2013


The family of a Midlands musician who claimed that he played on the hit song "My Boy Lollipop" with singer Millie Small are appealing for a rare UK copy of a 1964 LP to help them solve a long-held mystery.

Ray Deville, from Stourbridge, was a member of the Five Embers, the backing group to teenage singing star Millie Small in the 1960s.

Ray, who passed away recently, told his family that he had played the distinctive mouth organ part on the hit record.

However, this has been disputed by others, including Stuart Maconie a DJ and music expert, who states that another musician played it. I personally have always believed it to be someone else.

The family want to resolve the issue finally and are hoping to track down a UK copy of the LP My Boy Lollipop, which contains a list of credits.

So far their search has been fruitless but remain hopeful that someone that has a copy will get in touch with them. They are also trying to contact Millie herself to see if she can remember Ray playing on the record.

Sarah Aston, Ray's daughter, said that her father was a rather modest person who never talked up what he did, but was always adamant that he had played the mouth organ part on the record and that he wouldn't have said so unless he had.

As a lasting tribute to her father the family want to solve the mystery finally and believe the record credit would do that.

Do you have a copy of the LP or can throw some light on the mystery? then please call 01384 353205

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