Thursday 25 July 2013


Only yesterday I was given a number of PJ Proby Cds to play and thought I would tell you about them.

At only £5 each they are excellent value for money and can be purchased HERE!

"Sentimental Journey" features 12 rock n roll favourites including - Heartbeat, Summertime Blues, Rave On, Suspicious Minds, True Love Ways, Peggy Sue, That'll Be The Day, Not Fade Away, Something Else, and C'mon Everybody.

"His Hand In Mine" a gospel album featuring 10 tracks - Crying In The Chapel, Love Me Tender, I Believe, Precious Lord plus others.

"Wanted For Singing Love Songs" 12 great tracks including Stand By Me, Love Letters, Crazy, Mona Lisa, From A Distance, Oh My Papa, and Tell Laura.

"Man In Black" - 17 great Johnny Cash songs on one album. Ring Of Fire, Cry Cry Cry, San Quentin, Daddy Sang Bass, I Got Stripes, Walk The Line, Folsom Prison Blues, Boy Named Sue plus others.

Great Cds featuring great tracks with the distinctive voice of one of the greatest entertainers of all time P J Proby.


  1. P.J.Proby.....the man with THE Voice. Obviously his current releases do not sell like in the 60's but believe me they are still worth owning & listening to. This guy, to his many fans, is a real legend.....when will the rest of the pop world wake up?

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  3. It is my understanding that John Morris owns the rights to sell the CD's listed in this blog topic. The Proby organisation were happy with him selling them until recently, and even provided a link to his site from the Proby site.

    Manja Dolan runs P.J. Proby's website and sells merchandise for Proby.

    Proby is selling bootleg CD's of the Astoria Theatre production of "Elvis", as well as recordings by Elvis Presley spliced together with Proby's covers of the songs. He also sells bootleg copies of his recordings on the Liberty label.

    Manja Dolan doesn't understand what bootleg means and thinks anything Proby authorises her to sell is legal. Proby has convinced his fans and promoters that he has the right to sell anything with his voice on it. It seems Proby has also told these people he can terminate the contractual rights of legitimate record producers like John Morris whenever he feels like it.

  4. I believe that in this difficult time for people on a pension that an opportunity to buy CD's they can afford is a good thing. I know a few "older" Proby fans who just cannot afford to attend his concerts these days or buy his great merchandising including CD's. So to be able to buy different CD's at a bargain price just has to be a plus!
    I will not get involved in the legal or illegal argument....I am merely supporting the Proby fans with not much dosh over these days who spot a Proby CD they fancy adding to their collection.