Thursday 11 July 2013


SHOWADDYWADDY, Theatre Severn Shrewsbury 5th July 2013

Opening with an instrumental number, the group was soon into a non stop rock n roll party with such classics as - Rock This Town, Daddy Green, Multiplication, Babadoo, I Wonder Why, Heartbeat, Blue Moon, A Little Bit o' Soap, Johnny Remember Me, Barefootin', Sweet Little Rock n Roller, Sea Cruise, Move It & Bye Bye Johnny; and that was only the first half.

Tthe second half began with a search light and the dambusters theme before moving from top gear in the first half into overdrive with Come On Everybody, Dancin' Party, Rock n Roll Lady, Remember Then, You've Got What It Takes, Pretty Little Angel Eyes, When, Summertime Blues, Jailhouse Rock, 3 Steps To Heaven, Under The Moon of Love, and returning for an encore with Hey Rock n Roll.

As it has become customary at a Showaddywaddy gig members of the audience were invited to join them on stage to dance. It was so nice to see both youngsters as well as adults taking to the stage and even more so seeing a couple of people with learning difficulties enjoying their time in the spotlight.

Still a six piece line up and containing two original members the Shrewsbury gig was part of the group's 40th anniversary tour. It would have been nice to have seen more original members take part as it was a milestone tour but still the new lead singer would pass for original frontman Dave Bartram in both looks and showmanship.

Having carved a name for themselves in the 1970s recreating rock n roll classics from the 1950s it was pleasing to see such a wide age range in the audience from 6 & 7 year olds through to teenagers, young adults to more senior citizens with many donning polka dot skirts, drape jackets.

This was not just a concert but a full blown rock n roll PARTY with the headlining band showing us that they really had what it takes.

For more details of the tour Click Here!

If you were at this concert or any other on the current tour please feel free to add your own comments.

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