Friday, 23 November 2012


Although this show is not touring until April & May 2013 one date has already sold out with another having to be added.

"Made In Brum" features Jasper Carrott, Bev Bevan, Trevor Burton (The Move), Geoff Turton (Rockin' Berries), Joy Strachan- Brain (Quill) & Danny King (Birmingham's 1st ever pop star) plus the Bev Bevan band.

Jasper Carrott will guide us down memory lane in his own inimitable style delivering a nostalgic look at the faces, places and music of Birmingham's Brum Beat. Accompanied by musicians and singers that have entertained not only Brummies but the world over with their music, this show promises laughter and the opportunity to see and hear great legendary artistes belt out a night of fantastic songs!!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012


BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETERS at Theatre Severn  Shrewsbury on Tuesday 20th November 2012.

As the name of the band suggested this was to be a night of classic rock n roll. The mood was sent by endless rock n roll tracks being played as as the audience took to their seats and awaited for the show to commence.

As the houselights dimmed and the stage lit up the compere warmed up the audience with a bit of patter and announced that Shrewsbury had been voted the Rock n Roll Capital of the World, I phrase he uses every night of the tour but with the town changed, but it worked, it got the audience on his side. Fighting his way through the curtain he took up his place as the band's bass player.

Opening the set with some classic Holly tunes - "That'll Be The Day" "Rock Around With Ollie Vee" "It's So Easy" and the first song Buddy wrote "Down The Line". The show was billed as a Rock n Roll Jukebox and so followed numbers made famous by other stars - "Heartbreak Hotel" (Elvis), "Wake Up Little Susie" (Everly Brothers) this saw the vocals move from Buddy to the guitarist & Bass guitarist. Return to the Holly hits with "Peggy Sue" with which the audience were encouraged to click their fingers along with the band, this was followed by "Everyday" in which the drummer kept the beat not using his drum kit but by slapping his thighs, "Blue Days Black Nights" followed.

The next series of hits came as part of the "Sun" sessions paying homage to Sam Phillips' legendary recording studios. Firstly rhythmn guitarist gave us Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" followed by Johnny Cash's "Got Rhythmn" sung by the bass player before moving to the keyboard player doing "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" and the drummer singing Jerry Lee Lewis' "Whole Lotta Shakin'". "Doesn't Matter Anymore" took us back to the Holly hit catalogue followed by "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" (penned by Chuck Berry but a hit for Buddy) "Heartbeat" "Not Fade Away" and closing the first half "Peggy Sue" which saw the drummer play standing up throughout the song and the bass player stand on his double bass on one leg.

The second half saw the band minus Buddy open with "Come On Everybody" with Buddy rejoining the stage on "Maybe Baby". Asking if anyone in the audience was celebrating an anniversary, which one couple was plus it was the man's birthday the next song was dedicated to them "Peggy Sue Got Married" before moving onto the Roy Orbison classic "Pretty Woman".

Taking the radio mic the bass player to control getting people to gaze into each others eyes, put an arm around each other then asking for couples that were in love to stand up as the band went into their "love section" with "Raining In My Heart" and "True Love Ways" during which the bass player had left the stage made his way into the stalls to gee up more people to be upstanding and swaying along before doing the same moving amongst those on the balcony.

Time for the drummer to take the lead vocal again this time on the Beatles' "Saw Her Standing There" which got members of the audience dancing on the feet. More classics followed - "No Particular Place To Go" with Buddy having a go at Chuck Berry's infamous Duck Walk, "La Bamba" and "Twist n Shout" closing the set with Holly favourites "Oh Boy" and "Think It Over".

Returning for an encore with a medley of numbers including "Rave On" "Tutti Frutti" "At The Hop" "Great Balls Of Fire" ending with the timeless classic "Johnny Be Goode" which featured intrumental solos from each of the musicians with Buddy playing the guitar behind his kneck.

If I am honest he is not the best and certainly not the worst Buddy Holly that I have seen, but he is full of confidence and along with the band certainly knows how to work an audience. AC

Monday, 19 November 2012


The November Mersey Beat story at Fort Perch Rock New Brighton featured one of the oldest bands in Liverpool - The Dominoes, currently celebrating 55 years.

The afternoon began with the usual music quiz and a raffle was held in aid of the Cae Dai Trust.

Domino - Sam Hardy
Founder member of the group Sam Hardy was interviewed by Mersey Beat historian Dave "the rave" along with his infamous phone, and the assembled crowd listened to how the band came about, tales of playing both the "Star Club" and "Top Ten Club" in Hamburg, how slimming pills "Pirellies" were used as a stimulant to keep the bands going, how the band along with another evolved into being King Size Taylor & The Dominoes, and what happened to the different band members over the years. As always Dave added that something extra to the interview by playing some Domino tracks that he had discovered and downloaded them onto his phone.

Dave the Rave presents Sam with certificate.
 As the interview came to a close Dave surprised the band by presenting them with a signed certificate inducting them into the Mersey Beat Story Hall of Fame.

The Dominoes
Following a short interval the band performed a real rocking set that featured such numbers as - "Maybe Baby" "Flip Flop & Fly" "Singing The Blues" "Rocking My Life Away" "Domino Twist" "Watching Raindrops" "Woolly Bully" "Kansas City" "Keep On Knocking" "Rock Around The Clock" "Good Golly Miss Molly" and "Old Black Joe" among many others.

The currently line up of the band features Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar and Saxaphone and all members have been Dominoes for a great number of years, the youngest being Gaz Gaskell (Gaz & The Groovers) on saxaphone. The lead vocals throughout the set were spread out among the group which is always good to see.

The band had a new CD on sale during the afternoon, which were snapped up.

Whilst the Dominoes didn't have any success in the music charts they were extremely popular in Germany and rated as one of the top groups in Liverpool. They still visit Germany to play gigs with former front man Ted "Kingsize" Taylor who lives out there. The band are also mentioned in the Chuck Berry biography "Long Distance Information" as they used to support Chuck on his UK tours.

The next Mersey Beat Story session will take place on Sunday 16th December which will feature a jam session by a number of mersey beat musicians, promises to be another great afternoon at The Fort.

Photo left owner of Fort Perch Rock and promoter Doug Darroch.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


 December 1st 2012
Wolverton Central Top Club

The Top Club Wolverton has like many other music venues is fighting for survival.

Listed building and opened to members 106 years ago.One of the last bastion dance halls in orginal settings.

The Beatles...Rolling Stones all performed there.

We have recruited The New Dreamers Fred's former guys who now perform and tour all major holiday venues through - out the UK

If you can support this event all would be most grateful.There is a local train station not more than quarter of a mile away and transport can be arranged free of charge to and from the venue.

 The New Dreamers
Back in the 1960s Freddie and the Dreamers wooed the public with Freddy Garrity's wild stage antics and classic numbers like "If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody", "You Were Made for Me", "I'm Telling You Now", etc.

The Legacy continues.....The New Dreamers are led by
Eamonn Carr who was with the Dreamers in the 1970s returning into  the 90s, when Freddie was still fronting them,and he is joined by Paul De Vincent from Argent & the Russ Ballard Band  drummer Woody Woods.

They are constantly either touring or doing one-nighters,performing all the hits songs plus much much much more.60's to recent chart material.Party night cabaret band.

check Eamonn Carr Face book

Kindest regards to all for your support

Wolverton Central Working Mens Club - Milton Keynes MK12 5BG

Monday, 12 November 2012

Jess Conrad The Boys re-release‏

Fans of Jess Conrad will be thrilled to know that one of his feature films, The Boys, has been re-released by Renown on Amazon.  The film is a thriller shot in Soho in the 60s with an array of guest stars, including Richard Todd, the late Wilfrid Bramble and Roy Kinnear, directed by the celebrated Sidney Furie and theme music written and played by The Shadows.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


A recent visit to North Wales found me searching for a 1950s Museum that I had heard about some few years ago but never come across. So I made it a mission to see it, however, asking locals and information centres I was informed it had been burnt down. But what no one bothered to tell me was that it was still in operation.

The museum can be found in the beautiful setting of a working farm in the Vale of Clwyd, 1 mile outside of Denbigh in North Wales, on the Nantglyn Road or for those directed by satnavs postcode LL16 4SU.

"T he 50’s museum  in Denbigh is one of those little hidden gems you will hear talked about a fair bit!  Having seen fire’s destroy one of the main buildings last year due to an arson attack, like a Phoenix from the Ashes Cae Dai 50’s museum is hoped to be back to its full glory again.  You are able able to enjoy looking around such vehicles as the original  lorry that was used in the real ‘Great Train Robbery’ also featured at the museum is the car that belonged to ‘Christine Keeler’ the 50’s & 60’s model that sparked the whole ‘Profumo’ scandal that rocked the then conservative government.  Plus many more treasures from the 50’s era. So whether you’re a 50’s enthusiast or just somebody who appreciates the past, do not overlook this amazing little museum."

after the fire
Despite the fire which claimed many classic vehicles, artefacts and memorabilia there is still plenty to see in the way of 50s /60s related items - pop memorabilia, furniture, household appliances, books, magazines and vehicles.

See examples of sporting equipment including a punch ball owned by John Lennon.
Since the fire an extensive rebuild programme has been undertaken along with a continuous fundraising campaign to finance the building to house a new museum, community hall and so forth. Anyone who has any artefacts that they would like to donate to the museum should contact them direct on 01745 817004 or 812107. Financial donations should be sent to 50s Museum Dept BW, Cae Dai, Denbigh North Wales LL16 4SU cheques payable to The Cae Dai Trust. Please make a donation however large or small and help return the museum to its former glory.

As the existence of the museum is hardly known in the big wide world, Beats Working and the people involved in this webpage have made it their mission to inform as many people as possible about it. Check out the museum's page on Facebook - Cae Dai Trust. However, you decide to support the museum, facebook message, donation, visit please tell them that you heard of them from Beats Working.  AC

Monday, 5 November 2012



Only a 60% capacity audience for this show, probably due to the many firework festivities happening.

As the lights dimmed from behind the curtain came the show's signature tune and as the curtain raised the band strike up with "At The Hop" with the four cast members taking to the front of the stage with bundles of energy. The second song had them sat on coffee bar stools acting out "Lipstick On Your Collar", then "Shake Rattle & Roll" before the two girls covered the Shirelles "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". The first touch of humour came as Rachel (who could easily be mistaken for Billie Piper) was pulled and dragged about the stage as she played the female part in "Come Outside". Bass player & show produce Bob Newman took lead vocal on "Great Balls of Fire" before Carole Gordon gave us "Sweet Nuthins" more top 50s tunes followed including "It's Late" and "High School Hop" before Bob took to centre stage to perform the show's title song which I felt could have been a key higher. A number of popular instrumentals from the era followed including the "Match of the Day" theme. Roy Orbison's "You've Got It" was a joint offering from Bob & Carole before the cast went into a Motown medley that included - "Want You Back" "Can't Help Myself" "Stop In The Name Of Love" "Reach Out" "Walk Away Renee" "You Can't Hurry Love" and "My Guy/Girl".

A solo version of "My Prayer" from Jamie Steen took the band into "C'mon Everybody" before the cast rejoined the stage in yet another costume change of orange & black mini dresses, orange shirts & black trousers ( One could have easily mistaken them for "EasyJet" staff) taking us into a medley of 60s hits that included "Twist & Shout" "Hippy Hippy Shake" "These Boots Are Made For Walking" "My Generation" "Shout" "Do Wah Diddy" and closing the first half "I'm A Believer".

With the cast dressed in jeans, checked shirts and wearing straw hats the second half kicked off in country / hillbilly style with "Hillbilly Rock" "Cotton Eye Joe" and "5678" before exiting the stage leaving the band perform The Tremeloes' "Here Come My Baby".

Returning to the stage Carole performed a selection of Carpenters hits (I must point out that with the band she also tours a Carpenters show "Voices of the Heart"). Whilst her voice had held out in the first half a cold / sore throat had taken hold in the interval and she had trouble on the vocals of "Close To You" "Yesterday Once More" "Please Mr Postman" and "Jambalaya".

With lead guitarist Andy Saphire and bass player Bob joining male cast members Jamie and Alistair it was time for some 70s rock n roll Showaddywaddy style featuring "Dancin' Party" "Hey Rock n Roll" "3 Steps To Heaven" "Under The Moon Of Love" and "Pretty Little Angel Eyes". What dissapointed me with this part was that only the 2 cast members wore draped jackets. It wouldn't have taken much for the 4 musicians to don a drape and make the set look more authentic.

Following another number a voice over announced a celebration of the music of Burt Bacharach. This included "what The World Needs Now" "San Jose" "This Guy Is In Love With You" "Say A Little Prayer" and "Trains & Boats & Planes".

More popular tunes followed including "Always Something There To Remind Me" "Anyone Who Had A Heart" "What's New Pussycat" and "You Raise Me Up" before Andy on lead guitar took to lead vocal on "Country Boy At Heart" with some instrumental solo from the keyboard this lifted the tempo again as the cast returned wearing silver & purple outfits to close the evening with a medley of Abba hits - "Gimme Gimme" "SOS" "Money Money" Take A Chance" "Dancing Queen" "Mama Mia" before ending with "Thanks For The Music".  Not sure about the boys costumes, thought they had fallen off a couple of Christmas Trees, and did Jamie really need to camp it up? Informing the audience that the show was on You Tube, follow them on Facebook and on Twitter it felt to me like the finale of a pantomime.

The first half flowed well with good pace but I felt that the second was a bit disjointed and didn't flow as well. Also the advertising offered "Side-Splitting" comedy, apart from a couple of minor comical moments there was a sheer lack of comedy from this production. Having seen the show when it had comedy it lived up to its billing, but not tonight. As the last night of the current tour perhaps the show had run out of steam.

However, if you like a show that takes you on a musical journey from the 50s through to the 70s then check it out, when in your area.

Cast members:  Carole Gordon, Rachel Cantrell, Jamie Steen, & Alistair Willmot.

Band Members:- Bob Newman (Bass. Producer), Chris Burgess (Drums / Musical Director), Richard Luck (Keyboards), and Andy Saphir (Lead Guitar).

For more information visit the website Forever in Blue Jeans UK .Com